Well friends, we're going to be taking a break from Showdown Over the City 2013 to recover from 2012. It was a party! Check back with us next season.

World Class Snowboarding

Quiksilver's Showdown Over the City is one of the top snowboarding events in Canada attracting professional and amateur riders from across the continent and from around the world. Going into its 5th year, the hype continues to build about who will be the next stand out and who will walk away with first place.

Filmmaker Showdown

Winner-take-all. Five of the top filmmakers from British Columbia will be documenting the event with their own unique perspective for a chance to win $5000. Click here for more info on the Filmmaker Showdown.

Photographer Showdown

The second addition to Showdown Over the City this year is the Quiksilver Photographer Showdown, hosted by Snowboard Canada Magazine. This contest has two parts, designed to promote up and coming photographers as well as give every attendee a chance to win some prizes. Click here for more info on the Photographer Showdown.